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The Omaha
The gentes keeping the sacred pipes and those having

The demotic organization of the Siouan peoples, so fa

5 _mandan_
Mandan (their own name is questionable; Catlin says the

The Hotcangara Or Winnebago
The Winnebago call themselves Ho-tcan'-ga-ra', First

The Biloxi
The tribal organization of this people has disappeare

The Sitcanxu
The Sitcanxu, Bois Brules or Burned Thighs, are divid

Industrial And Esthetic Arts
Since the arts of primitive people reflect environmen

Phonetic And Graphic Arts
The Siouan stock is defined by linguistic characters.

The Development Of Mythology
As explained by Powell, philosophies and beliefs may

The Asiniboin
The Asiniboin were originally part of the Wazi-kute g


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