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The Biloxi
The tribal organization of this people has disappeare

The Asiniboin
The Asiniboin were originally part of the Wazi-kute g

The demotic organization of the Siouan peoples, so fa

9 _catawba Or Ni-ya (people)_
A. Catawba (meaning unknown; they called themselves

10 _sara (extinct)_
A. Sara (Tall grass). B. Keyauwi (meaning unknow

The Iowa
The Iowa camping circle was divided into two half-cir

8 _monakan_
Monakan confederacy. A. Monakan (Country [people

The Dakota are mentioned in the Jesuit Relations as e

The Development Of Mythology
As explained by Powell, philosophies and beliefs may

5 _mandan_
Mandan (their own name is questionable; Catlin says the


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