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The Oglala
The first list of Oglala gentes was obtained in 1879

The ancestry and prehistoric movements of the tribes

Linguistically the Winnebago Indians are closely rela

The Sitcanxu
The Sitcanxu, Bois Brules or Burned Thighs, are divid

10 _sara (extinct)_
A. Sara (Tall grass). B. Keyauwi (meaning unknow

The Tutelo
It is impossible to learn whether the Tutelo ever cam

Some Features Of Indian Sociology
As shown by Powell, there are two fundamentally disti

Phonetic And Graphic Arts
The Siouan stock is defined by linguistic characters.

11 _? Pedee (extinct)_
A. Pedee (meaning unknown). B. Waccamaw (meaning

The Mandan had a vague tradition of emigration from t


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