Miss C., a lady of excellent sense, religious but not bigoted, lived before her marriage in the house of her uncle D., a celebrated physician, and member of the Institute. Her mother at this time was seriously ill in the country. One night th... Read more of The Deathbed at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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The Catawba
Dr A. S. Gatschet, of the Bureau of Ethnology, visite

The vigorous avocations of the chase and war were ref

The Kanze Or Kansa
Among the Omaha the Yata people are those w

The Omaha
The gentes keeping the sacred pipes and those having

The Oohe-nonpa Or Two Kettles
Of the Oohe-nonpa (Oohe-nonpa), Two Boilings or Two K

The Oto
The author has not yet learned the exact camping orde

According to tribal traditions collected by Dorsey, t

Phonetic And Graphic Arts
The Siouan stock is defined by linguistic characters.

General Features Of Organization
In the study of the organization of societies, units

The Dakota are mentioned in the Jesuit Relations as e


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