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The ancestry and prehistoric movements of the tribes

Designation And Mode Of Camping
The Dakota call themselves Otceti cakowin (Oceti sako

Dakota Social Customs
Among the eastern Dakota the phratry was never a perm

The Iowa
The Iowa camping circle was divided into two half-cir

The Oohe-nonpa Or Two Kettles
Of the Oohe-nonpa (Oohe-nonpa), Two Boilings or Two K

The Hunkpapa
The name Hunkpapa (sometimes corrupted into Uncpapa,

The Tutelo
It is impossible to learn whether the Tutelo ever cam

The Crow Or Absaroka
As this tribe belongs to the Hidatsa linguistic subst

Excepting the Asiniboin, who are chiefly in Canada, n

The Mandan had a vague tradition of emigration from t


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