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According to tribal traditions collected by Dorsey, t

Some Features Of Indian Sociology
As shown by Powell, there are two fundamentally disti

The Itaziptco
The Itaziptco (Itazipco), in full, Itazipa-tcodan (It

The Oohe-nonpa Or Two Kettles
Of the Oohe-nonpa (Oohe-nonpa), Two Boilings or Two K

The ancestry and prehistoric movements of the tribes

The Omaha
The gentes keeping the sacred pipes and those having

The Hidatsa
Our chief authority for the names of the Hidatsa gent

The Catawba
Dr A. S. Gatschet, of the Bureau of Ethnology, visite

Phonetic And Graphic Arts
The Siouan stock is defined by linguistic characters.

The Development Of Mythology
As explained by Powell, philosophies and beliefs may


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