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Story Of The Rabbits

The Rabbit nation were very much depressed in spirits on account of
being run over by all other nations. They, being very obedient to their
chief, obeyed all his orders to the letter. One of his orders was,
that upon the approach of any other nation that they should follow the
example of their chief and run up among the rocks and down into their
burrows, and not show themselves until the strangers had passed.

This they always did. Even the chirp of a little cricket would send them
all scampering to their dens.

One day they held a great council, and after talking over everything for
some time, finally left it to their medicine man to decide. The medicine
man arose and said:

"My friends, we are of no use on this earth. There isn't a nation
on earth that fears us, and we are so timid that we cannot defend
ourselves, so the best thing for us to do is to rid the earth of our
nation, by all going over to the big lake and drowning ourselves."

This they decided to do; so going to the lake they were about to jump
in, when they heard a splashing in the water. Looking, they saw a lot of
frogs jumping into the lake.

"We will not drown ourselves," said the medicine man, "we have found a
nation who are afraid of us. It is the frog nation." Had it not been for
the frogs we would have had no rabbits, as the whole nation would have
drowned themselves and the rabbit race would have been extinct.

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