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The Siouan Mythology
The Mdewakantonwan
Tribal Nomenclature
The Sisitonwan Or Sisseton
The Siha-sapa Or Blackfeet
The Oohe-nonpa Or Two Kettles
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The Waqpe-kute
3 _{~latin Small Letter Turned T~}{~latin Small Letter Open O~}iwe´re_ (_people Of This Place_)
9 _catawba Or Ni-ya (people)_
The Osage
The Ni-u'-t'a-tci Or Missouri
2 _cegiha_ (_people Dwelling Here_)(9)
The Eastern And Southern Tribes
10 _sara (extinct)_

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The Osage
The Mdewakantonwan
The Catawba
The Minikooju
The Kanze Or Kansa
The Waqpe-tonwan Or Wahpeton
The Oohe-nonpa Or Two Kettles

The Itaziptco

The Itaziptco (Itazipco), in full, Itazipa-tcodan (Itazipa-codan),
Without-bows or Sans Arcs, had seven gentes, according to Waanatan or
Charger, in 1880 and 1884: 1, Itaziptco-qtca (Itazipco-hca), Real
Itaziptco, also called Mini-cala (Mini-sala), Red water. 2, Cina-luta-oin
(Sina-luta-oin), Scarlet-cloth-earring. 3, Woluta-yuta, Eat-dried-venison
(or buffalo meat) -from-the-hind-quarter. 4, Maz-peg-naka, Wear
(pieces-of) -metal-in-the-hair. 5, Tatanka-tcesli (Tatanka-cesli),
Dung-of-a-buffalo-bull. 6, Cikcitcela (Siksicela),
Bad-ones-of-different-kinds. 7, Tiyopa-otcannunpa (Tiyopa-ocannunpa),

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