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The Siouan Mythology
The Mdewakantonwan
Tribal Nomenclature
The Sisitonwan Or Sisseton
The Oohe-nonpa Or Two Kettles
Designation And Mode Of Camping
The Siha-sapa Or Blackfeet
Phonetic And Graphic Arts

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The Waqpe-kute
The Tutelo
The Quapaw Or Kwapa
The Ni-u'-t'a-tci Or Missouri
General Features Of Organization
3 _{~latin Small Letter Turned T~}{~latin Small Letter Open O~}iwe´re_ (_people Of This Place_)
The Osage
10 _sara (extinct)_

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The Mandan
The Ihanktonwanna Or Yanktonai
Tribal Nomenclature
The Oglala
The Kanze Or Kansa
The Osage
2 _cegiha_ (_people Dwelling Here_)(9)
The Hunkpapa

3 _{~latin Small Letter Turned T~}{~latin Small Letter Open O~}iwe´re_ (_people Of This Place_)

A. Iowa or Pa-qo-tce (Dusty-heads), chiefly on Great Nemaha

reservation, Kansas and Nebraska, partly on Sac and Fox reservation,

Indian Territory.

B. Oto or Wa-to´-ta (Aphrodisian), on Otoe reservation, Indian


C. Missouri or Ni-u´-t'a-tci (exact meaning uncertain; said to refer to

drowning of people in a stream; possibly a corruption of

Ni-shu´-dje, Smoky water, the name of Missouri river); on Otoe

reservation, Indian Territory.

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