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3 _{~latin Small Letter Turned T~}{~latin Small Letter Open O~}iweŽre_ (_people Of This Place_)
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1 _dakota-asiniboin_

2 _cegiha_ (_people Dwelling Here_)(9)

A. Omaha or U-man-han (Upstream people), located on Omaha
reservation, Nebraska, comprising in 1819 (according to James)(10)--

a. Honga-sha-no tribe, including--

1. Wase-ish-ta band.
2. Enk-ka-sa-ba band.
3. Wa-sa-ba-eta-je (Those who do not touch bears) band.
4. Ka-e-ta-je (Those who do not touch turtles) band.
5. Wa-jinga-e-ta-je band.
6. Hun-guh band.
7. Kon-za band.
8. Ta-pa-taj-je band.

b. Ish-ta-sun-da (Gray eyes) tribe, including--

1. Ta-pa-eta-je band.
2. Mon-eka-goh-ha (Earth makers) band.
3. Ta-sin-da (Bison tail) band.
4. Ing-gera-je-da (Red dung) band.
5. Wash-a-tung band.

B. Ponka (Medicine?), mostly on Ponca reservation, Indian Territory,
partly at Santee agency, Nebraska.
C. Kwapa, Quapaw, or U-{~LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED K~}aŽ-qpa (Downstream people, a correlative of
U-manŽ-han), the Arkansa of early writers, mostly on Osage
reservation, Oklahoma, partly on Quapaw reservation, Indian
D. (D) Osage or Wa-caŽ-ce (People), comprising--

a. Big Osage or Pa-heŽ-tsi (Campers on the mountain), on Osage
reservation, Indian Territory.
b. Little Osage or U-{~LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED T~}se{~LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED H~}Ž-ta (Campers on the lowland,) on
Osage reservation, Indian Territory.
c. San-{~LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED T~}suŽ-{~LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED K~}cin(11) (Campers in the highland grove) or
Arkansa band, chiefly on Osage reservation, Indian

E. Kansa or KanŽ-ze (refers to winds, though precise significance is
unknown; frequently called Kaw), on Kansas reservation, Indian

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