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The Crow Or Absaroka
As this tribe belongs to the Hidatsa linguistic subst

The Mandan had a vague tradition of emigration from t

Tribal Nomenclature
In the Siouan stock, as among the American Indians ge

The Siha-sapa Or Blackfeet
The following are the gentes of the Siha-sapa or Blac

5 _mandan_
Mandan (their own name is questionable; Catlin says the

The Iowa
The Iowa camping circle was divided into two half-cir

Extent Of The Stock
Out of some sixty aboriginal stocks or families found

Dakota Social Customs
Among the eastern Dakota the phratry was never a perm

Industrial And Esthetic Arts
Since the arts of primitive people reflect environmen

The Oglala
The first list of Oglala gentes was obtained in 1879


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