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The Mdewakantonwan
The Mdewakantonwan were so called from their former h

9 _catawba Or Ni-ya (people)_
A. Catawba (meaning unknown; they called themselves

The Waqpe-tonwan Or Wahpeton
The name of this people signifies Yillage-among-the-l

The Mandan
The Mandan tribe has not been visited by the author,

The Hidatsa
Our chief authority for the names of the Hidatsa gent

Excepting the Asiniboin, who are chiefly in Canada, n

The Crow Or Absaroka
As this tribe belongs to the Hidatsa linguistic subst

Tribal Nomenclature
In the Siouan stock, as among the American Indians ge

a, as in father. 'a, an initially exploded a. a

Designation And Mode Of Camping
The Dakota call themselves Otceti cakowin (Oceti sako


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