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The Omaha
The gentes keeping the sacred pipes and those having

4 _winnebago_
Winnebago (Algonquian designation, meaning Turbid water

Dakota Social Customs
Among the eastern Dakota the phratry was never a perm

The Tutelo
It is impossible to learn whether the Tutelo ever cam

The Osage
In the Osage nation there are three primary divisions

The Siha-sapa Or Blackfeet
The following are the gentes of the Siha-sapa or Blac

The Hidatsa
Our chief authority for the names of the Hidatsa gent

The Ni-u'-t'a-tci Or Missouri
This tribe, which for many years has been consolidate

The Oglala
The first list of Oglala gentes was obtained in 1879

3 _{~latin Small Letter Turned T~}{~latin Small Letter Open O~}iwe´re_ (_people Of This Place_)
A. Iowa or Pa-qo-tce (Dusty-heads), chiefly on Grea


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