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4 _winnebago_
Winnebago (Algonquian designation, meaning Turbid water

The Hidatsa
Our chief authority for the names of the Hidatsa gent

Designation And Mode Of Camping
The Dakota call themselves Otceti cakowin (Oceti sako

5 _mandan_
Mandan (their own name is questionable; Catlin says the

The ancestry and prehistoric movements of the tribes

The Crow Or Absaroka
As this tribe belongs to the Hidatsa linguistic subst

General Features Of Organization
In the study of the organization of societies, units

The vigorous avocations of the chase and war were ref

The Omaha
The gentes keeping the sacred pipes and those having

The Hotcangara Or Winnebago
The Winnebago call themselves Ho-tcan'-ga-ra', First


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