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Extent Of The Stock
Out of some sixty aboriginal stocks or families found

The Kanze Or Kansa
Among the Omaha the Yata people are those w

The vigorous avocations of the chase and war were ref

The Minikooju
In 1880 Tatanka-wanbli, or Buffalo-bull Eagle, gave t

The ancestry and prehistoric movements of the tribes

The Mandan had a vague tradition of emigration from t

The Osage
In the Osage nation there are three primary divisions

The Waqpe-kute
The name waqpe-kute is derived from waqpe (wahpe), le

2 _cegiha_ (_people Dwelling Here_)(9)
A. Omaha or U-man-han (Upstream people), located on

5 _mandan_
Mandan (their own name is questionable; Catlin says the


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