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There has been much confusion concerning the definiti

8 _monakan_
Monakan confederacy. A. Monakan (Country [people

The Mandan
The Mandan tribe has not been visited by the author,

11 _? Pedee (extinct)_
A. Pedee (meaning unknown). B. Waccamaw (meaning

The Dakota are mentioned in the Jesuit Relations as e

The Crow Or Absaroka
As this tribe belongs to the Hidatsa linguistic subst

The Ponka
The Ponka tribal circle was divided equally between t

The Development Of Mythology
As explained by Powell, philosophies and beliefs may

Phonetic And Graphic Arts
The Siouan stock is defined by linguistic characters.

Designation And Mode Of Camping
The Dakota call themselves Otceti cakowin (Oceti sako


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